Lifted Myth-The Myth will Lift-Claim your Certainty


Lifted Myth clothing- designed by MV Carbon
Made from organic Bamboo.
Hand Dyed with natural Plant Dyes. high quality recycled zippers


Madder dyed bamboo fabric drying by the fire. used for Peach Stance Hoodie.


ground maddermadder1


logwoodScreen Shot 2014-08-18 at 8.29.54 PM


Madder Dyed Peach Stance Hoodie -drying in the shade.MADDERDYE2


hues of indigo- drying by the fire.
SWATCHINDIGORACKELight indigo Stance Hoodie
oxgenated indigohoodei





Stance Hoodie

IMG_1612peahcheooINDIGOHELENroberopehoodie1oxgenated indigohoodei



Indigo Stance Hoodie


Hand-Dyed Indigo Hoodiechainbrendan liftedmyth25 liftedmyth26 liftedmyth30